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EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT: Sunrise Dance Academy, under the Direction of Linda Larsen, is moving to the Leavitt Center!

Sunrise Dance Academy, for the last 25 consecutive years has been known on a regional and national level. Highly acclaimed for their full production shows, many of Sunrise Dance Academy’s singers, dancers and actors have gone on to professional careers. With cutting edge choreography, breathtaking costuming, unique concepts, individual mentoring, sportsmanship and positive team spirit, Sunrise Dance will continue to thrive under the Direction of Linda Larsen and the incredible staff and faculty at the Leavitt Center.

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Connecting Community, Giving Back, and Inspiring Confidence

Meet Our Directors

Ryan Leavitt

Ryan Leavitt grew up in Blackfoot Idaho where he developed a love for song writing, performing music, and entrepreneurship. In 1997, Ryan moved to Pocatello to attend Idaho State University where he graduated with a B.S. in Health Education. In 2004, Ryan founded Homeland Security Inc. which he operated in Idaho, Texas, and Hawaii…Read More

Shalyn Brown

Shalyn is the glue that holds our world together! Shalyn’s perceptive and team centered mentality as well as her willingness to quickly learn anything has been the backbone and one of the greatest assets of our organization. Shhh…(she is our secret nuclear weapon)! Since Shalyn was 3 years old she has had a love for music…Read More

Mission Statement & About Us

We believe that building inner strength and confidence is essential to encouraging personal and community growth.  We are dedicated to building positive character in individuals through arts education, community education and participation in humanitarian service in our community and beyond.  We understand that in order to better the world, we must first better ourselves. How The Leavitt Center Came to Be Empower Humanity In 2009 Ryan and Katie Leavitt purchased the former church building on the corner of 10th and Sublette in Pocatello. Ryan's dream was to convert the building into a center for the arts, where music could [...]

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